Our Featured Artists:

B. Bryant: Is a Florida artist know for her amazing portraits. A Florida resident since 1992, She still leads a prolific career. Her striking art work depicts a Progressive interpretations as well as personality. know for her unique style of portraits showing the inner essence of the subject from the artist point of view.

Barbara Faddis: Is an Ohio based artist know for her unique style. she has worked in the art community for many years showcasing art that reflexs her own enter beauty and strength.

Antonnio Aubrey: Is a young upcoming artist, but has already won many awards and honors for his work. He is a bright energetic artist, with an amazing talent.

Justin Holt: Is a innovative artist, Justin is 26 years old and lives in North Carolina. He creates Beautiful abstract acrylic paintings and abstract sound.

Fazlullah Ahmad: Is a Inspirational Artist, whos art has a worldly appeal that, attempts to captivate, and hold it viewer in the moment.